Friday, November 21, 2008


Mom got me a fun mat to play on and I love it. It has these things that hang down and jingle. I could play on it all day long... or until mom tries to get something done. Well anyways, here are some pictures dad took of me with my new stuff.

Josh and His New Toy

Josh and His New Toy

Josh and His New Yoy


Kevin Tame said...

I love this toy... Life saver

The Tame Gang said...

yay for toys..they are GREAT!!

Marce said...

mats are the BEST!!!! Ellie LOVED hers for a very long time...then she got sick of it...but last week, we whipped it out again (Since she is moving around like crazy) and all of a sudden it's the world's coolest toy all over again. so fun!

Granny McGinnis said...

I love this baby! What joy to know he is part of this great family!! How blessed we are.
Love, love, love him!!