Monday, January 26, 2009

This is what happens when parents take their children on dates with them.

My uncle Hiram has two females in his life. One might get favored over the other, however it is clear that Friday night Nora was ignored.

Nora Ignored

Nora doesn't look very happy with you Uncle Hiram.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tummy Time

I'm getting better at tummy time!!!

Josh Belly Time

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back From the North Pole and Ready to Blog

As you all can see I have been on a blogging hiatus. It's not that I have forgotten all about my adoring fans, but the fact remains that Santa has no internet!
That's right.
The truth is now out there.
That old man has yet to move forward. I mean come on. It is now 2009! In most normal homes internet is a part of everyday life (at least it is in mine).
Now, we can't be too hard on the old fart. It's not that he doesn't have cutting edge technology, duh...flying reindeer; it's that he relies too much on his little helpers. Wouldn't you do the same?

Santa Josh

Anyways, please accept my humble apologies.

I was at the North Pole...yep, that's right the North Pole. One night the Polar Express came by and picked me up and I became one of Santa's little helpers for a month.

Well, after some hard work Santa told me I had to go home. Of course I was upset!
Santa Josh_4

But don't worry friends, now I'm back and ready to Blog.
Santa Josh_3