Saturday, February 7, 2009

My First Rock Concert... It was Awesome!

So I've been begging my dad for weeks to take me to a concert and he always tells me that I need to be a little older. Well, tonight he said I could go. It started off as a slight disagreement with mom, she also thinks that I'm not big enough, but in the end Dad and I went shopping for ear plugs and earmuffs and I was allowed to go.

Josh's first concert

One delimena that many people face while at a show is that they can't see over the person in front of them. I had a great advantage in this department, you all know that I can't walk, and so my dad has to hold me and as a result he can hold me up high so I can see over peoples heads.

Rock concerts ROCK! The over all experience was amazing. I wasn't able to hear the music that well but man could I feel it. It's Crazy how a 80 hrz sine wave will just about knock your socks off.

Anyways, All I can say is I went, I stayed and I rocked!