Saturday, February 7, 2009

My First Rock Concert... It was Awesome!

So I've been begging my dad for weeks to take me to a concert and he always tells me that I need to be a little older. Well, tonight he said I could go. It started off as a slight disagreement with mom, she also thinks that I'm not big enough, but in the end Dad and I went shopping for ear plugs and earmuffs and I was allowed to go.

Josh's first concert

One delimena that many people face while at a show is that they can't see over the person in front of them. I had a great advantage in this department, you all know that I can't walk, and so my dad has to hold me and as a result he can hold me up high so I can see over peoples heads.

Rock concerts ROCK! The over all experience was amazing. I wasn't able to hear the music that well but man could I feel it. It's Crazy how a 80 hrz sine wave will just about knock your socks off.

Anyways, All I can say is I went, I stayed and I rocked!


StevenChristy said...

He's actually starting to look chubby is he finely gaining some weight? Did he really wear the ear phones all night?

Hiram, Tashina, Nora, and Hiram Dean said...

oh Josh...I love you...You are so cool!

Megan C. said...

Josh has to be the coolest kid ever! Love the picture!

Al Shirley McGinnis said...

Joshua, you are so handsome! I love you so much, I am hoping to see you soon!!!
Great Grandma McGinnis

izzorch said...

Gorgeous Baby BK. And congrats on the wedding (I'm sure it was beautiful). Lots of love, BA