Monday, January 26, 2009

This is what happens when parents take their children on dates with them.

My uncle Hiram has two females in his life. One might get favored over the other, however it is clear that Friday night Nora was ignored.

Nora Ignored

Nora doesn't look very happy with you Uncle Hiram.


StevenChristy said...

I split a gut on this one. Great Humor Kevin

Hiram, Tashina, Nora, and Hiram Dean said...

I was the rope in their tug of does look like we just pushed her off to the side huh?? sorry baby girl!!

Wendle said...

Lol. This is a great picture. Are you worried if this how dates are going to be with mommy and daddy, Josh? I've doubled with them once... cheesecake factory...remember you were there. You were top priority. I hope that doesn't change for you.