Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mommy is Mad at Daddy

My Dad decided to take some pics of mom and me when I was trying to go to sleep. Man, don't parents drive you crazy? Anyways, Mom got really mad because Dad said he wanted to post them on the internet. I think it had to do something with she thought she didn't look good because she wasn't ready.

Well as a result, Dad decided that he wasn't going to post the pics. So that he could keep Mom happy you see. So, here I am posting them myself. I don't want Dad to get in trouble and I know Mom can't get mad at me. Furthermore, I think she looks really beautiful. So, family, friends, stalkers, etc. Her she is... pretty as can be, My Mommy!

P.S. I'm not so bad looking myself,huh?

Momma's Boy 2

Momma's Boy


Chief Momma said...

Precious...and of course you look beautiful Lea. It's great to see Mom in some pics! I can tell Kevin has a nice camera; I'm so jealous.

Lea Billings said...

FYI I wasn't mad at all... just struggling in the look s department at the time!

birdonthelawn said...

you are not struggling in the looks department- knock it off.

Danny and Rachel said...

sooo adorable!! joshua is precious! and lea, i don't know what you are talking about-you're one hot mama! love ya!

Melanie Nielsen said...

They are amazing pictures!!!